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Convenience and Comfort

Lerne Deutsch easy and quick without leaving the comfort zone of your home. Start your online German lessons with the a very experienced online tutor. I have been teaching German online lessons for many years. My one-on-one online lessons have a very elaborated curriculum and come with high quality bilingual exercises for each lesson.     


Online Video Chat  

Online tutoring really is almost the same as having a private German tutor in your studio. You can see my expressions, hear my voice and interact with me in real time.    


Real Time Screen Sharing

For A1 and A2 German lesson on Skype I will give you a live transcription of our the conversation. Thanks to screen-sharing the text will appear on your screen in real time as well as pdf-text exercises. 



For the best results in terms video performance a big screen is a big plus. But you can simply use any laptop, PC or Mac you have available.    



Any normal broad band internet connection is fully sufficient for online video streaming.  



A head set is helpful but not necessary if your computer has a good build in microphone. If you have an I-Mac or Macbook it works just fine without headset.



You can easily transfer your payment to my Paypal account: there are no other costs involved for the transaction. If you live in China or in a country where Paypal is not accepted I can adapt my payment settings.  


Pay as You Go

The first online lesson should be payed upfront or right after the class. The easiest way to get the payment done for further lessons is if you pay 4 lessens in advance.    



Currencies can fluctuate quite a lot. As I am living in Berlin my prices are in Euro but Paypal accepts any other currencies as well. The price for one Skype lesson is the same as for a normal German lesson at my studio.

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