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What it takes to become conversational:

6 month, one lesson per week, 3 hours per week for homework, less than 1500 Euros


Start from Scratch

Structured German lessons for beginner: special curriculum for fast learning speed. Learn German in half the time you need to learn it in a class room. ​



Reach a basic A1 level in only 3-4 month if you take at least 1 lesson per week. Go form the beginning of A1 to the end of A2 in about 6 month. 



Basic vocabulary, sentence structure, future tense and Present Perfect, modal verbs, negation, personal pronouns in Nominative and Accusative. ​You can go from zero to the end of A2 in about 6 month if you take only one lesson per week (90 min) and if you do the additional homework (about three hours per lesson). This is faster, cheaper and way more convenient than anything a German course in class room has to offer!  


Free audio exercises, structured homework, professional e-book exercise, a scrip from each class. For a 90 min class you get two exercises for your homework (text and audio). The average study time for homework is about 2 to 4 hours per class.


Advanced Students

Here we will elevate the skills you ​already have. Learn how to use dependent clause sentence structure, conditional, relative sentences, Accusative and Dative prepositions, passive etc. ​  


This Course Level is best if

You understand some decent German but most grammar is still a miracle for You. Or you are quite confident with grammar but you are far away from being conversational. So we don't start form the scratch but we specifically target the areas you are interested in.    



I provide audio and text-book exercises as well as structured home work exercise for each lesson.


Conversation Lessons

If you are not interested in grammar any longer, pure conversation lessons can elevate your german skills dramatically. ​This is the most efficient lesson for advanced students. We can also discover you weak areas during conversation lessons and target them. ​ ​


Text and Reading Lessons

For more advanced students: these lessons are best if you would like to read scientific papers, journals or textbooks. I also provide audio exercises for a various type of texts on different levels.  


Grammar Special

If you would like to discuss specific grammar issues, I can solve your grammar miracles fast an efficiently. We can target the miracles you always wanted to dissolve.      


Exam Preparations  

Prepare for university entry exam or DaF exam. 

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